My First Marketing Class “SB-IPB R57”

Prof. Dr. Ir. Ujang Sumarwan, M.Sc. (,,
Dr. Ir. Hartoyo, M.Sc.
Dr. Ir. Dodik Nur Rachmat, M.Sc.F.
Dr. Kirbandoko, M.S.M.
Dr. Ir. Mukhammad Najib, M.M.

A first impression heard the word college marketing is an opportunity to study all things that were closely related with sales. That occasion will be an opportunity for anybody who wants to use the situation to can add creativity and awareness about marketing . This is important for you wanting to plunge into the business world like me. This is also come to my mind when heard of the lecture. It turns out, when i attended a class college management marketing for the first time in mb ipb, different things i felt. Marketing management not only just means sales, where employers just trying to in every way spend their merchandise. In the class I would know that scope marketing also connected with how behavior customers, how the venue marketing appropriate, how a promotion appropriate, how set target, and still a lot more. From college first I actually attended , I was given the understanding that the colony of marketing very broad. We are not only are required to design strategy about how merchandise must be sold on that day , but also about how the marketing merchandise continue. Marketing also demanded us to consider how customer satisfaction not only think of corporate profits just . This closely related to how we able to maintain the sustainability of of their commerce. In college the Prof. Dr. Ir .Ujang Sumarwan, M.Sc. Stated that important for us to see all aspects that supports marketing . The marketing i think is closely related to lecture consumer behavior. I am thankful that there are some things have enough i understand though still a lot more must i learned from college management and marketing .I hope lecture marketing management will always fun so i can understand well and can apply the science which i can in business i will do.